Peace Is Every Step-Los Angeles: Monthly Walking Meditation for Peace in Los Angeles
Schedule for the Day
(Times are approximate)

9:30 AM
Volunteers arrive to prepare for the walk.

10:00 AM
Walkers arrive and receive orientation.

There will be instruction on mindful Walking Meditation and the singing of songs of mindfulness and peace.

Peace Is Every Step T-shirts will be available for a $10 minimum contribution. Remember to wear your T-shirt if you have one already!

10:30 AM
We will walk silently and mindfully as a body of living peace, without banners or signs through the streets and back again. We have timed the walk and it will take 40-45 minutes walking at a slow, mindful pace.

PLEASE READ these important notes on how to walk
mindfully, peacefully and safely.

11:15 PM
At the end of the walk we will gather together for sitting meditation followed by eating meditation. Dharma sharing will follow.

12:00 PM
We will have a meeting for those interested in the formation of regular, monthly walking meditation sanghas in their local neighborhood.

"How Can I Help?"

• Join our
"Hearts of Peace"
Greater Los Angeles organizing Sangha

(community) and take a step forward in peace with us

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this flyer
and spread the word about
Peace Is Every Step

• Individuals and Organizations can
Endorse and Sponsor our Peace Walks

• Get on our email list and we will
inform you of the date and location
of upcoming walks

Organize a walk in your own community. We'll help you!

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Email your peace-minded friends

Volunteer to help on the day of the walk.

Contribute funds or material aid.
Visit this link for map and directions:

The church has a large parking lot and there is plenty of free parking in the area around the church.

Sponsors of Peace Walks

Hearts of Peace Sangha

Los Angeles Chapter


Studio City, Woodland Hills and Glendale



Woodland Hills

Studio City

Sherman Oaks

West Hollywood

Neighborhood Unitarian
Universalist Church
for Peace

Demonstrate Peace

• North Hollywood • Saturday, June 23 •

• Gather at 10 AM at the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science
6161 Whitsett Ave. , North Hollywood , CA 91606